Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday Run - B+

Some observations from today's run-

1. A marked change in the effect on me due to hills. Wasn't doing that crazy cheek flapping breathing on the way up and my recovery once I reached the peaks was very quick. Nice.
2. No rum the night before. Hmmm..., connected to #1? Nah!
3. Sue recently said she thought it was really neat that I was sticking with it so long (been a month and change!). This made me think about thoughts that once thought can't be un-thunk. This whole traveling around on a sailboat was something that looked do-able and once we had that thought we just couldn't not do it! Didn't want to live into old age and try to tell people how we really could have sailed to the Caribbean but we jus didn't. No. Similarly, now that I've had the thought to run the 2010 marathon and I've passed all my heart check tests and cannot now un-think it! it's a really nice (and tall!) long range goal. Once past 60 I doubt that I would go for a first marathon but if I make this one AT 60 I may run more. Who knows and only one way to find out!
4. Got to get new shoes!
5. Funny how I felt like I might be able to make it the whole way today including the bitch of a last hill. My mind said keep running but then suddenly my body vetoed that and just started walking. No conscious thought like "think I'll stop now". Weird and probably a good thing!
6. I miss running with music. iPod won't charge but I may look for a 'shuffle' soon.

OK, next run Thursday. Think I'll stick with my hills.

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  1. you are going to be excited to get to the flat of chicago. the only "hills" are going under fullerton on the path....over lake shore drive at north ave.....over the river at navy pier.....

    wait...these aren't hills like you have hills, but more just bumps in the road. Can't wait to start training with you. I also think that I cannot unthink running a marathon less than a year after giving birth. should be wacky to say the least!