Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Crappy Run

Yes it was a crappy run but not as crappy as it might have been.

It's the rainy season in Grenada and while that makes things nice and green down here and cleans my deck and fills my water tanks it also causes us close the forward hatch and things get a little hot and close in our forward berth. So I tried to sleep in the cockpit (I live on a sailboat if you just got here) on a folding chair. That worked a little but lots of waking and turning. Back to the actual bed later and then I over slept. It's the rainy season but it's also the it's-hot-as-hell-after-about 7AM season. So I overslept.

Up at 6 when I usually try to get running. So I had a quick cup of joe, a toast and some pear slices and headed ashore to put in my run knowing it might not bet the best. The running routes from the dinghy dock are all up hill. Of course. I'm starting at sea level! I've found a fairly flat track but it goes through a bunch of industry and it's not very pretty. A more hilly but nicer route takes me up and toward the airport. Nice blacktop path on the road shoulder.

So, up I went. Didn't feel too bad as I climbed the first couple of hills. I reached the peak of the last hill out bound and headed into the nice long downhill/flat hunk. Then as I neared my farpoint I felt some pressure from the nether regions. This isn't good. I'm far from the boat. I started walking thinking about the Notre Dame victory march . . . " Shake down the thunder. . . ". You get the idea. My body was turning against me in a most uncomfortable way! I considered the woods but having done some rough camping I wasn't really prepared for that endeavour. So I tried walking and then running a little but running doesn't really describe it. More like mincing which is all you can do while squeezing your buttocks together at about 400 psi. Mostly I 'quickwalked' back to the dinghy and threw myself aboard the boat . . . in time.

Today's run was a bust so I may run tomorrow instead. I know what to do before I leave the boat too! Maybe put toilet paper in my hat too!

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