Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bucktown 5k. . .Done!

Fun time at the Bucktown 5k this past Sunday. Coach and I met up with my old friend Judy. 8:30 and we are ON it. First mile in 10:15 or so which was fine. Coach then spotted the fast runners going the other way on the other side of the street and decided to 'air it out'. Go Leah GO! She ran the last two miles in 8 something while Judy and I chugged along at our 10+ pace. Overall a good race. I finished in 32:54 which is fine.

Now I'm looking to add a LITTLE distance and run a 10k in a month or so.

Marathon is this coming Sunday. I'm a little sad (and my entry fee is gone!) but I'll go out my front door and watch the elites go by. Maybe next year. . . Like the Cubs!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Training Run

I think so before the 5k on Sunday. I know it's only a 5k but I look forward to any small challenge. My plan today was to take it fairly easy by only running 2 miles at about a 11 minute pace.


Mile 1 - 9:55
Mile 2 - 9:32

That's all I'm saying. Is there another sub 10 minute mile in the tank? I guess we'll see on Sunday!

Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

After a week off. . .

. . . Good news. Feel good and ran my 3 in 32:39. The race is a week away! I was afraid that with a week off I'd be back to wheezing a mile and walking home but maybe this was a good week off. Everything was hurting, new shoes didn't work, ick. So I ran in my old shoes today and felt pretty good. I probably could have gone faster but was actually trying to keep myself slow to get in a good solid three. I'll have to consult with my coach to see how I should train in this week before the Bucktown 5k. Should be fun.

Goals: A. 32:00, B. 33:00, C. 34:00

Splits from today 10:27, 11:39, 10:32

hmmm...maybe that middle mile is measured a little long.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Shoes!

And they SUCK! Damn. I was very excited to try out my new pair of Brooks - Adrenalin. Got fitted today at Fleet Feet. Size 12 seems right as I measure 11.5 and I know you're supposed to go a half size or so bigger. They felt great in the store.

The girl was very nice. She explained to me that "as time goes on" your feet actually can get a little bigger. I thought that was a nice way to tell me that I am becoming elderly!

I ran south along the lake. After about 15 minutes both my feet were numb and tingly. That ain't right. My right foot felt like there was a ridge running fore and aft down the middle of the bottom of my foot. I thought maybe my sock had folded up or something. At 20 minutes I stopped and loosened both shoes. I took off the right one to fix my sock but it fits tight and couldn't have been folded up like that. Just a weird pain I guess. After 3 minutes I started back. Nine minutes into it my feet hurt and were going numb again.

Guess I'll be taking these back! Damn. It was a real nice day too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another 3

Yet another little experiment. I ran a half mile real slow and THEN stretched and got my wind back. Now for a timed three miles. My half mile was to the water fountain which is really only a guess. Since it's four miles from my start to north ave beach house and back I figured to the beach house and back to the fountain should be about 3.

Off I go. . .jeez I feel like crap! Kind of dissapointed that I've been running pretty regular in Chicago for a year and I could get winded running less than a mile. But, there's nothing for it now but to keep a going no matter how bad!


16:25 to the beach house which is half way. Could be worse. I'm still feeling pretty bad and running really slow. I finally started feeling better on the last mile. Passed the guy who had passed me some ways back and picked it up for the last quarter. I was hoping to get a negative split but total was 33:05. Still under 35 so there's that.

I think tomorrow I'll try a run I used to really like. Go by time. 20 minutes out and see if I can get back in less than 20.

I really think I need new shoes. My feets be hurting!

Chill coach. . . I already iced!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Easy There!

Had a GREAT idea today for some "speed" work. I planned to run three miles but at above my usual pace and rest and stretch between miles. Good plan!

First mile: 9:04! Are you freaking kidding me!
I stretched and rested as planned because I think that one key to getting faster is to just take bigger strides. Not that that doesn't cost you more energy but by getting a little more stretched out perhaps possible.
5 minutes of stretch and rest
Second mile" 10:15 Not bad. I didn't think another 9 minute mile was going to happen.
more stretching and resting
Third mile . . . .well there you go. Tank was empty but I had some nice jogs on the way back.

Just a Thought

So many people running up and down the lake front which is great except for how many of them pass me but that's ok. I'm getting faster. Last run I had this bit of a thought.

Why do we run? There are a number of reasons I'm sure. To lose weight. To be healthier. To challenge yourself. To race. Combinations of these and others and their all legitimate. But I don't think you should run so as to live longer.

I know I don't. There are too many variables to living longer. You could be a 3 hour marathoner and get hit by lightning. You could run every day and then run in front of a car. Some diseases can sneak up on you whether you're in great shape or not. Running won't help you then.

Lately I've been spending time with my 93 year old dad. I've finally gotten him moved into an assisted living place where he can get. . .well, assisted. My dad can barely walk across the room. He has trouble getting up (he has a lift chair now). He has a wheel chair but not the strength to push it around. What's his particular ailment you might ask? For what ever reason he's spent the last several years sitting in his chair and watching TV. He used to golf, walk, work in his woodshop but as these things got harder to do (we're not sure what pains he has or from whence they come) he never looked to get things repaired (doctors are bad) or to simply challenge himself to keep a-going. He just began removing things from his can-do list until they were almost all gone. He resorted to the chair and over the course of years he has naturally gotten weaker and weaker. He puts it down to getting older and certainly that's a factor but that's not really why he is in SUCH a weakened condition.

He has a therapist now who is putting him on an exercise schedule. Why? Because if you use your muscles they will strengthen even if you're 93! My dad has lived to 93 and I have NEVER seen him run anywhere! He made it to old age by shear genetic luck (and a martini or 2 every night) and good for him. But now his day is a chair and the TV. That's it. So. . .

I don't run to so as to get older. I run in CASE I get older.