Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another 3

Yet another little experiment. I ran a half mile real slow and THEN stretched and got my wind back. Now for a timed three miles. My half mile was to the water fountain which is really only a guess. Since it's four miles from my start to north ave beach house and back I figured to the beach house and back to the fountain should be about 3.

Off I go. . .jeez I feel like crap! Kind of dissapointed that I've been running pretty regular in Chicago for a year and I could get winded running less than a mile. But, there's nothing for it now but to keep a going no matter how bad!


16:25 to the beach house which is half way. Could be worse. I'm still feeling pretty bad and running really slow. I finally started feeling better on the last mile. Passed the guy who had passed me some ways back and picked it up for the last quarter. I was hoping to get a negative split but total was 33:05. Still under 35 so there's that.

I think tomorrow I'll try a run I used to really like. Go by time. 20 minutes out and see if I can get back in less than 20.

I really think I need new shoes. My feets be hurting!

Chill coach. . . I already iced!

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  1. I think like most runners you are tending to dwell on the bad. You've had a lot of good runs lately, so focus on that. You will always have bad runs, but try to not focus too much on them.

    and yes get new shoes!