Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well, that was different. . .

I had a pretty good and aggressive run on Sunday and took Monday off. So, today I planned to just run a slow (11-12 min pace) 2 miles. Mile one I felt a little stiff but no real problem: 11:25. Perfect. Mile two going ok and then it happened. . .

I got passed by a giant butt. I hate that. Now it shouldn't matter because I had my plan and it was a good one so what's the diff? But there it was ahead of me. It is now a giant LAUGHING butt. "Yes I am laughing at you, you pathetic, tiny, old man!"

These are the voices in my head.

I picked up the pace. I had to. I caught the giant butt and now my butt is doing the laughing.


10:14. If I'd started that pace at the start of the second mile it would have been under 10. Pretty sure.

Speed work tomorrow. Wheeeeee!

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