Friday, September 17, 2010

New Shoes!

And they SUCK! Damn. I was very excited to try out my new pair of Brooks - Adrenalin. Got fitted today at Fleet Feet. Size 12 seems right as I measure 11.5 and I know you're supposed to go a half size or so bigger. They felt great in the store.

The girl was very nice. She explained to me that "as time goes on" your feet actually can get a little bigger. I thought that was a nice way to tell me that I am becoming elderly!

I ran south along the lake. After about 15 minutes both my feet were numb and tingly. That ain't right. My right foot felt like there was a ridge running fore and aft down the middle of the bottom of my foot. I thought maybe my sock had folded up or something. At 20 minutes I stopped and loosened both shoes. I took off the right one to fix my sock but it fits tight and couldn't have been folded up like that. Just a weird pain I guess. After 3 minutes I started back. Nine minutes into it my feet hurt and were going numb again.

Guess I'll be taking these back! Damn. It was a real nice day too.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the new shoes being a bust. Tingly feet just isn't right!