Saturday, February 27, 2010

Friday 1.5 in the bank

Yes, always fun to run with my personal coach. Leah and I got our 1.5 in with no problems except, WE'RE SICK OF BEING SO FREAKING COLD! Looks like it might be a bit warmer for our 3.5 on Sunday. Looking forward to that and have already laid out a course.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's snowing. . . again

Well, back from Florida and out into the cold and snowy Chicago lakefront. Got my 2.5 miles in and right foot was ok. I'm ready to run in something even a little above freezing. The path on the lake was dry and snow free though so that was nice.

The plan continues on nicely. . . 3.5 miles coming on Sunday!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Running in Florida

Quick trip to Tampa to visit my dad. I ran Thursday (2.0 mi) Friday (1.5 mi) and Sunday (3.0 mi). It was kind of nice to run and not have my sweat freeze on me but my body was shocked by the temperature change. Plus, I neglected to ice for no real reason and paid the price today with the 3 miler. I had to stop at 1.5 and stretch the old right foot and then run/walk back. Lesson learned. . . AGAIN! I take a short run tomorrow in the ice and snow.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

On Schedule!

Another mighty fine Sunday run with my coach. 2.5 miles on a sunny but pretty cool day. Seemed easy partly because coach is so fun to run with. She talks, she coaches, she flops down on the pavement. It's just fun, fun, fun.

No damage this time. What a tough coach!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shedule changes

Well, the weather last week screwed our trip to Florida so no running in the warm weather. . . until NEXT week! Heading down with the two later generations of me on Thursday. Should be able to make the Friday and Sunday run in Florida.

Meanwhile something nasty has gotten in to my neither regions so no run yesterday but I did get in a quick mile today and should be ready for our 2.5 miles tomorrow. This schedule is working well for me so I'm anxious to keep it up.

My coach is TOUGH! Hasn't missed a run right on through knocking out a tooth in a spill on the ice Wednesday. Well, it was only one. She rubbed some dirt in it and kept going. . . sort of!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Easy Mile

As per our schedule today was just a mile. From my 'starting triangle' by the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive near Belmont I just ran north to Roscoe and back. I haven't really run two days in a row but this easy mile felt fine.

Wednesday and Friday runs will be in Florida which should be a nice change. I should have time to do the Sunday run in the morning before we all need to get to the airport.

Finally, even though it was only a mile, guess what song started playing on my randomized iPod as I headed toward the tunnel. Give up? It's by Aliotta, Haynes, and Jeremiah...YES


If you can't finish strong running in Chicago with this song in your head...well, then you're DEAD!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Good just Keeps Coming!

Great run today with coach Leah. A nice lake front 2 miles with, again, no pain in the right foot. It was a little scary with this big shiny sphere in the sky. What the hell was that? Made my eyes hurt.

Coach says we'll be right at 5 miles for the Shamrock Shuffle and ready to start the pre-marathon schedule. Nice to run an easy 2 but it is sooooooo much smaller than 26! Can't think about that.

So I wont!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm IN!

OK, the die has been cast. Monday I officially registered for the Chicago Marathon as did coach Leah. Guess I'll HAVE to do it now!

After missing a few days due to nasty little cold and selling books at the Strictly Sail Show I finally got back on my schedule on Wednesday. It was my first run in different shoes (an old pair of my son-in-laws) to see if that might help the shin splints. Only one run so not much data but I had no pain during yesterday's run. Did the 1.5 miles with no problem and I'm looking forward to the same tomorrow. I iced three times yesterday as well. Got to stay with that.