Tuesday, November 17, 2009

two miler

OK, it's two miler Tuesday! Ran north to the mile mark and back. No problem. A little stiffness in the right instep again but not enough to slow me (which would be stop). Need another 2 on Thursday, and short run/walk on Saturday and Sunday I think it will be time to move the stick! 4 miles? 5???????

We'll see.

OK, laundry time!

sunday run

HEY, a good run! I ran a 3 mile course that I laid out on google maps.

View andrea 3 mile run in a larger map

Strangely, and yet not for the first time, I had the experience of feeling pretty crappy for the first 2 miles and then my breathing finally settled down and the last mile was easier than either of the first two. It seems like it takes forever for my body to settle into the run. Coach Leah says this is not unusual and she often had rottten first 2 miles on long runs of 15 or more. I have to run at LEAST 2 miles this coming week on my tuesday, thursday runs and then do another 3 or more on Sunday. It's really time to up the miles!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday run

OK, An easy mile and a walk/run back. Ran north past the tennis courts to the mile mark from Belmont Harbor. A little stiffness in my right instep again so I didn't press. Want to do a good 3 on Sunday.

On the way back I watched a mom teaching a very small little boy how to hit the tennis ball. She bounced the ball and then swung his racket by holding his hand which held the racket so he'd get the idea. After several of these he took the ball himself. Walked up to the net and dropped it over from his hand.

I mean really, if you want to deposit tennis balls in the other court this probably is the most sensible way! Another Agassi?

This is the very BEST Chicago running weather. Wish I was going farther (further?) but so it goes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

some title...

Haven't written in awhile. Running has sort of plateaued for now. I get out there 2-3 times a week and wheeze through a couple of miles. I need a goal. Coach Leah has some good ideas for short and long term goals which will require and actual training schedule. I'm looking forward to that!

As to today's run it was ok. I ran north to the end of Belmont Harbor and then just followed it around back south. You then come to the opening to the harbor and have to turn around. . . or swim. I turned around.

Some of the gaps in my running have been caused by dealing with elder Welty in Florida. That has been a very mentally diverting endeavour. For me, there's no way a son can look at his 93 year old dad and not wonder. . . what's in store for me? What do I do now to avert whatever.

At one point my dad said, "Where's everbody running too? What's with all the running?" On one hand he may be right. You're going to get there soon enough. What's the rush! On the other hand I feel like saying (but never would) that I'm running at 59 so that I'm walking at 93. Of course getting there is the first trick!

So, running out of time? Sure, we all are if you want to look at it that way. But what a beautiful day it was today. And today, nothing broke and nobody died *

* The official toast on Enee Marie after a safe passage