Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sunday run

HEY, a good run! I ran a 3 mile course that I laid out on google maps.

View andrea 3 mile run in a larger map

Strangely, and yet not for the first time, I had the experience of feeling pretty crappy for the first 2 miles and then my breathing finally settled down and the last mile was easier than either of the first two. It seems like it takes forever for my body to settle into the run. Coach Leah says this is not unusual and she often had rottten first 2 miles on long runs of 15 or more. I have to run at LEAST 2 miles this coming week on my tuesday, thursday runs and then do another 3 or more on Sunday. It's really time to up the miles!

1 comment:

  1. Hope today's run goes well. Don't run too close to the lakefront sidewalks. The waves are crashing up on them today!
    Have a good one.