Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Coached

I'm pretty sure that I would have already pitched this crazy idea about running a marathon (or any race) if I didn't have my awesome coach. Yesterday we ran a slow mile and then did 5 'things'. They have a cool name but I forget it. Here's how it worked though

run a quarter in less than 2:30
walk half way back
jog the rest of the way back
repeat 5 times.

We actually ran them all in more like 2:10 (first one 1:52 and last one 2:01). This is a fun thing and breaks up the endless training by simply running farther and farther which ultimately might work but this is a nice break and coach is sure that this works better. During the last piece of the 5th one I looked over at Leah and asked, "Why aren't you breathing? I was huffing and puffing like a steam shovel! I guess the 30 year old body works differently from the 59 year old version.

I followed this up with an ice bath and a beer (and water too coach!).

Today is a day off and then I run tomorrow morning, off day Saturday but with a long walk and then our 3-4 miler on Sunday. I feel good!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Running in the Morning


I don't FEEL like it. I don't. I try but I don't. But I have to. But I don't like it.

So, I drug myself out to Sheridan Rd this morning at about 6 AM. I'm stiff. I'm not really awake. I get to the corner of Sheridan and Barry to cross and a cab pulls up into the crosswalk right in front it me. I'm dressed in running pants, shirt and running jacket. Bears hat and my shuffle stuffed into my ears. The driver looks at me expectantly with eyebrows raised. . .


He drives off.

Actually after that I had a pretty good 2 miler! Morning everyone and sorry to the cab driver.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still At It

Still running and still writing here. . . sometimes. I guess Sunday is a good day to sum up the weeks running. I always really look forward to my Sunday runs with my coach and always hope to do well. Sometimes I do. Today. . . not so much but it was great to get out early.

It was right?

We started our run about 6 AM. I've NEVER been an early morning runner and I guess I'm still not. We did our 4.5 but I stopped to breathe a few times. We ran our last mile or so with .1 sprints -.1 walks which I think makes up for not running the whole scheduled distance.

So for the week 2 on Tuesday. 3 on Wednesday. I missed Thursday but took a LONG walk on Saturday.

I'm going to have to train my body for early morning running as I sure as hell don't want to be running at noon in the summer in Chicago!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Running pretty well this week. Leah and I are in our pre-Higdon schedule so that we may start the official Higdon marathon training in June. We plan to run 4 mi on Sunday. Hopefully I won't need any resurrection after wards!

I ran really well at the Shamrock Shuffle and thought it was fun. So, we've injected two more races between now and the marathon. It really helps to have these races as goals. You can certainly set goals all by yourself and work to attain them but having them tied into an actual race with people watching gives me much more incentive. I do NOT want to be that guy panting and shuffling along and walking half the damn race! So, we are running a 10k in my home town of South Bend, Indiana on June 5. We finish on the 50 yard line of Notre Dame (angles singing right there) Stadium.

Also have signed up for a half marathon in Chicago on August 1. That will be telling. That will be about 9 weeks before the marathon.

No pain in my right foot since buying the new shoes. There you go!