Sunday, April 25, 2010

Still At It

Still running and still writing here. . . sometimes. I guess Sunday is a good day to sum up the weeks running. I always really look forward to my Sunday runs with my coach and always hope to do well. Sometimes I do. Today. . . not so much but it was great to get out early.

It was right?

We started our run about 6 AM. I've NEVER been an early morning runner and I guess I'm still not. We did our 4.5 but I stopped to breathe a few times. We ran our last mile or so with .1 sprints -.1 walks which I think makes up for not running the whole scheduled distance.

So for the week 2 on Tuesday. 3 on Wednesday. I missed Thursday but took a LONG walk on Saturday.

I'm going to have to train my body for early morning running as I sure as hell don't want to be running at noon in the summer in Chicago!

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