Saturday, September 25, 2010

After a week off. . .

. . . Good news. Feel good and ran my 3 in 32:39. The race is a week away! I was afraid that with a week off I'd be back to wheezing a mile and walking home but maybe this was a good week off. Everything was hurting, new shoes didn't work, ick. So I ran in my old shoes today and felt pretty good. I probably could have gone faster but was actually trying to keep myself slow to get in a good solid three. I'll have to consult with my coach to see how I should train in this week before the Bucktown 5k. Should be fun.

Goals: A. 32:00, B. 33:00, C. 34:00

Splits from today 10:27, 11:39, 10:32

hmmm...maybe that middle mile is measured a little long.

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