Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bucktown 5k. . .Done!

Fun time at the Bucktown 5k this past Sunday. Coach and I met up with my old friend Judy. 8:30 and we are ON it. First mile in 10:15 or so which was fine. Coach then spotted the fast runners going the other way on the other side of the street and decided to 'air it out'. Go Leah GO! She ran the last two miles in 8 something while Judy and I chugged along at our 10+ pace. Overall a good race. I finished in 32:54 which is fine.

Now I'm looking to add a LITTLE distance and run a 10k in a month or so.

Marathon is this coming Sunday. I'm a little sad (and my entry fee is gone!) but I'll go out my front door and watch the elites go by. Maybe next year. . . Like the Cubs!

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  1. My friends ran in the Bucktown 5K last weekend too, and I thought it would be cool to create a time-lapse video on the last corner of the race. See if you can find yourself + friends in here.