Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleeping In

I have to get up! Living on a sailboat in the Caribbean we don't exactly have very tight time schedules. OK, we usually aren't sure what day it is and we never know the date. But now I'm getting serious about running again but running here after the sun get up even a little in the sky is brutal.

So, my run on Saturday was just so so. I have this route that has hills but they all do. I go up a little at the start and then up steeply for a bit. Then up some gradual. Now there's a long down and up, some flat, and one more up followed by a long easy down or flat to my turnaround point which is at about 15 minutes into the run. I made it there ok but pooped out on the first up I came to! Damn. I nearly completed this course the first time I ran it and now it's been about two weeks and I'm stuck! I have to get out here at 6AM and NO LATER. I can only hope that this hill work will serve me well in the future.

Monday is my stress test at the doc's. I've read that the only people who have died from running or training for a marathon are those who had heart problems and didn't know it. So, I've had an EKG (normal) and an ultrasound (creepy - results at the end of the week) and just have the stress test to do Monday. So assuming that I pass all of this I'll feel like I can start to press myself a little harder and maybe drag my sorry ass up those hills whether I like it or not!

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