Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lesson Learned

I take (long chemical name in this spot) for high blood pressure. Yesterday, I forgot, semi-on purpose to take the meds. This allowed for an experiment that I've been needing to do which is see what my blood pressure is without the meds. So last night I measured my blood pressure (I have my own device). Nope. Still high - 140/97.

This morning then I took my medication and THEN went out running. Usually I take the medication later in the morning but what's the diff, right. Well, the diff is that these pills are apparently somewhat acidic. Mix that with a cup of joe and some orange juice and I got some nice acid indigestion while running! Ouch! Stopped running after about 10 minutes and then ran/walked for another 30 or so until I got back.

So not a complete waste as I gained some information. I'll keep the experiment going of not taking meds on Wednesday and measuring BP Wednesday night. Trying to remove all salt from my diet and eat lots of fresh meat, fruits and veggies. Some people CAN lower their own blood pressure this way but some can't. So, I'll just keep plugging away and see what I can do. Next run Saturday. Hope that's a better one.

Other thoughts while running/walking. . .

In two weeks we'll be back in Chicago. We are so excited about our return and about being grandparents. I'm trying hard to really enjoy my Caribbean lifestyle, weather, and my boat for these last several days. On that note I am wondering how I take some of this lifestyle back with me or - KISIC -Keeping It Simple In Chicago! What would that be?

1. Time spent down by the water watching the boats. This is what we do whether we like it or not down here and I want to keep at it! Shouldn't be too hard. We'll be living with a view of the Lake and a short walk to the shore and to Belmont Harbor.

2. Reading. Just because we will have a TV in the apartment doesn't mean I have to give up my hours of reading.

3. Enjoying a day. Not filling a day off with a thousand errands but rather just going for a walk in the Chicago neighborhoods.

I can probably add to this list and will do so as things occur to me. That's all for today mon!

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  1. Ditto the KISIC thing.
    You might need to remind me about not too much in one day.
    Sailor Sue