Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Made it!

First of all I made passing grade on my stress test. I'm good to go! My parallel goal with this training is to knock down my blood pressure via diet (goodbye Pringles, Gardettos, french fries, canned hash. . . sniff) and the training. Blood pressure is good now WITH the medication. So, doc suggested not taking it on an off day and see what my blood pressure is now. Hopefully I can begin to bring it down and dump the medicine or at least lower the dosage. Stress test was fun. Running on a treadmill with a bunch of wires hanging off of me. Based on age, weight, height, etc. the machine predicts a peak heart rate for me of 161. I reached that after running on the treadmill up 'hill' for a bit. Doc says that as I get more fit it will take longer and longer to reach that heart rate. When I get to the states I think I'll invest in one of those heart monitors. Seeing that increase in time to the peak would be a nice carrot to put in front of me. I need those. Now on to today's run. . .

I made it! Finally got out that at 6 as is my goal. Ran to my far point in 14:45 and completed the course and ran all the way (DAMN hills) in 29:54. Thursday I may just run past my far point as it looks like it stays flat for a long way and run to 30 minutes and then walk/run back. So I guess this all means. . .


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  1. That's awesome!!! Nice job running through the entire run without walking. Amazing how quickly moving the stick works. I think you've done a great job in making sure you get enough recovery and judging your body when it needs to stop. Treat your body right and it will come back with good thing! Nicely done.