Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here We Go

Here is LeahC. Daughter of Scott. Future mother of Lucy or Jack (we'll know which tomorrow morning if the baby behaves!). I have run the Chicago marathon three times and have taken the last two years off of marathon training because of PhD thesis writing last year and being pregnant this summer. So next summer is my come back year.

My dad said, "Hey Leah, I think I want to run the marathon in 2010".

So I said, "Cool, I'll make you a training plan"

Then I thought...well I'm going to be a few months post partum, and probably won't be down to my fighting weight or speed and so realized that my Dad and I would be at the same pace for training. So I told him that not only does he get a training plan, he gets a training partner!

I have lots of ideas for our training and some goals in mind. It should be fun to run the Chicago marathon with my dad after all those years looking for him as a spectator. I hope I can be inspirational and not too "run your ass off"...thus not being disowned. So here's to a summer of training. Stay tuned for tales from the Chicago streets and trails.

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