Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Run

A good little work out today. I ran my usual route (hilly) but added about 200 yards to the end. From there it is long and gradual uphill run for about a quarter or half mile. So I did that and the other uphill parts by sprinting (well, what I call sprinting) at about 3/4 top speed to a mark maybe 50 yards ahead and then walking another 50 or so yards and repeat. Good way to get the hills out of the way and get my legs moving a little more than they do on just my regular (slow) pace. Ran that regular pace on the flats and downhill parts back to the finish. Felt pretty good today. Cooler here today than usual and that helps a LOT!

Next run is Tuesday. Maybe run up that long incline from the turnaround point.

A note on shoes. . . I'm wearing a worn out pair of my son-in-law's that I got more than a year ago. The stuffing is coming out of the insides and the soles feel like I'm running on 1/8 inch thick cardboard. Can't wait to get some new kicks when I hit Chicago in 11 days! I'll probably start snapping of 6 and 7 minutes miles!


Finally, good luck said son-in-law Jason as he finishes up his training for an upcoming half marathon. 1:59 Jason! You can DO it! (Oh, the link is to Leah and Jason's running blog. . . but it's mostly about babies right now!)

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