Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Chicago Run


Of course this statement had a little less media attention than when MJ said same but still I am back in the Windy City. We arrived Thursday with cat in tow and minus one bag but that arrived the next day so no big deal.

Great to be in my home town. It's hot here but I don't notice! I can do hot. . . winter may take a little adjustment though. Already had some nice little big city moments. . . just walking down Randolph street and turning into a Borders. (Bought the Pete Hamill book, North River.) Listening to an old black man sing the great Sam Cooke song, 'Change is Gonna Come', down in the subway. Riding the EL. It's fast again! Chicago people...I notice how open Chicago (and maybe American) faces are compared to island people. Nothing bad. The island people are mostly very friendly (if they don't have to serve you beer) but when you walk down the street their faces seem closed. Sort of a blank look. Chicago faces are big and fat. Many have a big stupid smile pasted on them for no apparent reason other than, perhaps, because it is August and not February. There is a street fair going on about 100 yards from my daughter's apartment. I went there yesterday and listened to the live music (no rap!), had a beer and a corn dog. I LOVE corn dogs.

So, the run! Yep, ran in my new shoes today. What a difference new shoes make. Maybe ran a mile and half or so. Nice and FLAT! My coach will soon be putting me on a more structured running schedule. Bring it ON!

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