Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Another Run

As prescribed by my coach I walked to the lake and tried to repeat the Sunday run with a hunk tagged on. Mission accomplished. I felt like Mr. Concrete Legs the first mile. Good for me to keep digging. . . right? Second mile felt fine and I started walking with about a half mile to go on the 3 mile run. A little farther (further?) than the Sunday run.

Turns out I really don't like the 1 mile walk to the lake but coach said I should keep the 1 mile walk afterward for a 'cool down'. Maybe I could run from here, do 3 miles total, and still end at Belmont and the lake and walk the 1 mile back. I'll give this route another shot on Thursday, a short run on Saturday and then nail it on Sunday.

Of course no matter how I feel the city and the running path are awesome. Looking forward to getting to longer runs to get by the lake and go further (farther?).

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