Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bad and the Good

After my 3 mile run on Sunday my coach came up with a great game plan. Run two miles Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then 3 miles on Sundays. Do this until your head explodes! She says this is a good way to lay down a good base and so that you'll always know you can run 3 miles...perhaps even from mile 23 to 26!

So I went out yesterday afternoon for my 2 miler. No. See, I take blood pressure medicine in the morning and in the afternoon it is really kicking in which means it takes increases in blood pressure (climbing stairs, accelerating, even standing up quickly) and drives blood into my kidneys which is mostly away from my brain. So I get light headed and have to do stuff slowly. Now I run damn slow but it seem running in the afternoon is out. Usually I take the pills right after my run in the morning. Satisfies the once a day thing but doesn't put me in the trick bag for running. So I quick the run after 2 blocks. I could tell it wasn't going to work.

Today then I got out there this morning around 8. Nice two miler to the lake and back. No problem. Calves are a little stiff but that may be running on concrete instead of gravel and has NOTHING to do with being 59! Breathing was good the whole way.

I think I'll try the same tomorrow to get back on schedule and allow for walking since I'll not have the usual day off in between.

Looks like a plan so THANKS COACH LEAH!

And by the way. . . Chicago is nice and flat although it is a bit uphill when running east toward the lake until you get to Clark Street then it is downhill to the lake. I can't find a good source for this but in my brain is the little 'fact' that rain to the west of clark street drains ultimately to the Mississippi River while rain to the east goes to the lake. That means that Lake Michigan doesn't collect much more rain that what falls on the Lake itself. But I could be wrong! Anybody?

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