Monday, July 12, 2010

Holy CRAP!. . . .

. . . I'm 60 . . . TODAY!

Had a nice run too. About 2 miles and then run walk back. I was joined for the first two by coach Leah and Lucy the grand daughter. Leah went on at the bridge over LSD and I pushed Lucy back in the running stroller. Well, it doesn't actually run ( I wish it did!) but you have to push it. It's surprisingly easy to push. Takes a little getting used to only swinging one arm or the other but its a fine way to put Lucy to sleep!

So, marathon is on the far back burner after missing a couple of weeks going to Florida and then sailing across the gulf of Mexico helping a buddy deliver his boat. In any case I think I'd like to focus on 5k and 10k races and try to get faster. I already have a nice big time to beat in a 10k. Who knows maybe training that way might lead to the marathon anyway. So I'm running well and not worrying about distance. I'd like to find a 5k in a week or two.

So, onward. Just one foot in front of another!

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