Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Watch!

As my coach will understand I LOVE data. Without a race to shoot for right now I bought a watch to have interim goals. Today I ran my 5k course as follows. .

2.5k out bound 16:18:57

Then I stopped and stretched and caught my breath and stretched for 4 minutes.

2.5k inbound 18:02:36

That makes a 5k in 34:21:33 for the running part although I walked twice on the inbound leg.

Overall time including the stretching at the halfway point is 38:00:34 (there is some extra time due to me not using the watch correctly so actually a little less than this. . . maybe.

Good news is that way back when I lived in Des Plaines (motto: SLOW DOWN!) I had a 5 k course laid out and rarely ran it in less than 30 minutes and usually more like 35 I think. So once I get my wind back up and can run continuously I should be able to put down a 5k in between 30 and 35 minutes. That would be great.

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