Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chicago Cubs

What? Cubs? I thought this was a running blog. Well, sometimes baseball players run and sometimes I run so I say this works.

We went to the game Monday night. The Cubs have been decent lately so I was anxious to see a win since so far I was 0-4 for 2010. Nice seats in the lower deck half way out to right field. Looked like rain was going to stay away. Sue bought me a beer and. . . PLAY BALL!

The Cubs give up 5 in the top of the first.

It was never close.

But that's ok. . .I'm actually a little used to that. On the other hand there's the "fans". The guy sitting behind us (arriving a fashionable 2 innings late) started talking. And talking. It was all about him. And 'babes'. On and on and on and on. Does this guy even breath? I finally took a look at this guy wondering, "How handsome IS this guy". Not so much. Complete dork. Of course.

We finally moved down to the end of the row in front of 2 women. That's right. . .one only talked and the other only listened. I tried to get them to comment on the game and they looked at me like I had a third eye and went right back to their roles as talker and listener.

". . .and so she said and then I said and then she said. . . . "

Now, I admit the game was out of reach. Way out. But there's always something to talk about at a game that is remotely connected to baseball. There's also. . .


When you're at a major league game there is SO much to watch. There is no such thing as a routine play. There is strategy. We could see ahead of time that Castro backed up on a ground ball making it impossible for his arm to make up for that. You don't get that on TV. And. . .

It's $50+ to sit halfway out in right field. Might as well watch the game! Maybe next time I'll bring a radio and headphones and listen to Pat and Ron. Ron watches the game. . . well, the one in his head.

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