Saturday, June 5, 2010

Running Away to Home

Sunburst 10K . . . DONE!

This morning, Coach, husband of Coach, and yours truly ran the Sunburst 10K in South Bend, Indiana - my home town. We drove to SB Friday after work (well after the kids' work. I don't do that any longer) and found our hotel right down town South Bend. Wow, nothing looks familiar to me but of course its been about 40 years since I had any reason to be down town South Bend. Some things were still there though. . . The State Theater (although it said 'Jesus Love You' on the Marquee. I haven't seen that one.), Dainty Maid donut shop, Morris Civic Theater (way back it was the Palace), Tower savings and loan building, The South Bend Tribune still in the same building. Of course Memorial Hospital is still there but they've also taken over my favorite pool hall across the street.

This is the South Shore Rail Road, LaSalle St. and the old LaSalle Hotel from the 50's. HEY, it's not all black and white back then!

We had a nice dinner around the corner from the hotel called, Fiddlers Dream. An Irish place. Good food and pleasant rustic surroundings where coach wouldn't allow me to have even ONE stinking beer! Back to the hotel and in bed. Racing tomorrow!

Up at 5 I walk over to the start line which is at the College Football Hall of Fame (about to go out of business and move). I got all our bibs and T's and back to the hotel. They had muffins, juice, coffee for us in the lobby. I'm READY!

This was an interesting event as it had a marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5k all using parts of the same course and all ending on the 50 yard line at Notre Dame stadium (squeeeeee). Our race actually went off last at 7:45 which was unfortunate in a way as the humidity was definitely on the rise.

National Anthem at 7:44. . . gun at 7:45 and we're off! I felt good miles 1 and 2. Heading for 3 we were in a twisty, curvy part of the course and it seemed we were never going to get out of it. Also maybe around mile 2 there was a very nice. ..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . L
. . . . . . . . . . L
. . . . . . I

And not the down kind.

We don't do hills in Chicago.


OUCH! That took a bit out of me. My pace was ok to that point and maybe a little after but I could feel myself breaking down. Had to walk when we got to another hill around mile 5 and then I shuffled in. Wish I could have done better but with the hills and the humidity I think I did about the best I could. This was my farthest distance so far so what the hell? So, hey, JUST GET OFF ME, OK!


If I had been running 10 miles or so on any given day I would have been more dissappointed but like any one of our sailing trips. . ."Nothing broke and nobody died"!

The finish was awesome. We got to run through the north tunnel at Notre Dame Stadium and onto the field. They had big speakers playing the sounds of the fans at a Notre Dame game as the team runs onto the field. I went to numerous games there as a kid but, of course, had never been down on the field. (Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, . . . )

It's green. It's HUGE, and it's very cool.

If I'd felt better I would have appreciated it more. Still, cool race and well organized.

Sue and Lucy were waiting for us in the stands and we rode back to the hotel as happy as was possible. Speaking of Lucy. . . what a trooper! She was her smiling self (or asleep) the whole time.

So, thanks coach! There's no way I do ANY OF THIS without your expertise and encouragement.

Come Monday, actual scheduled training for the Chicago Marathon begins. After today I think my running will come along ok but maybe I need to just get stronger in body and upper legs. I felt weak there today at times (ok the last half of the race!).


  1. Soooo glad nothing broke and nobody died. Lucy and I were in the stadium under a blanket of humidity. I can't imagine running up and down hills for an hour or so in that stuff. A good race to get under your belt. Except for the hills I hear from coach that the time of your miles was right on target. So you did run like a champion and finished! Next race Lucy and I will have signs, we promise!

  2. Did coach at least let you have a beer after==what about sex?

    Steve--Silver Fox, er Streak G.

  3. We did great! I'm so proud of you for finishing up. I know it's so hard when there are hills and humidity. Two bad combinations!

    Onward this week! 3 on tuesday.

  4. You guys are so cool! Sorry that we didn't get it together to join you. Running in to the stadium definitely had to be the highlight. Keep up the running...

  5. I bet you loved growing up in South Bend and knowing all about Touchdown Jesus. How did you escape being a devout Catholic?

    Rich P