Thursday, May 20, 2010

I live. . .

. . . through another Wednesday speed workout! I didn't want to run yesterday. I just didn't. My coach 'encouraged' me to run anyway. She has a way. So we ran an easy mile at my usual pace around 11 minutes and then we ran 'fast' mile at what turned out to be just over a 9 minute pace and then a mile jogging/walking/running. That middle mile is tough but in retrospect it is mostly tough mentally. Brain is saying, "you're running too fast!" but in fact a little check of how body is doing, brain finds out that body isn't actually breathing all that hard. Speed is staying up. Legs are not too stiff. It is only the panicky baby brain that tells us to slow down!

Big baby!

Thanks coach! I think these speed workouts (and anyone out there who is sniggering at a 9 minute pace being called speed work can just spend a day in my 59 year old body!) are doing the most for helping me get in better condition and run farther on Sundays.

1 comment:

  1. you did great yesterday! I'm glad you are seeing the benefits of getting your legs moving a little faster.

    soon we might have to add some distance to these. one mile slow...two fast. but not just yet :)

    glad you got out there even though you really didn't want to go. it's important that you keep on doing that!