Monday, January 25, 2010

After a week off

I took a week off after bad shin splints last Sunday. I've been icing once or twice a day during the off time. Coach Leah has given me a very nice running plan and if I can keep the shin splints under control I'm sure I can stick with this plan.

So today I only had to run a mile. I took a couple of IbProfen 2 hours before the run to hopefully keep inflamation down. Out I go! Felt like I hadn't run in a week but I felt ok and finished with no problem. As to the splints. . . my right foot didn't hurt but I sensed that another 1/2 mile and it would be tightening up. I iced it down right away and next run is Wednesday. I'll ice later today and 2 or 3 times tomorrow. I also need to try different shoes. Some reading indicates that shin splints can be caused from heel pounding too hard.

If after this week I still have the pain and stiffness after 1-2 miles I'll go see the doc.

Good to be back on that's for DAMN sure!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Weed day runs

Made my Monday, Wednesday, Friday runs. Nothing spectacular. Wednesday run featured the stiffness in my right instep returning. I think this is what they call shin splints. Today I took 2 ibprofan before running. Still got stiff after about 1 mile but was able to run through it. I iced it when I got back which coach says is most important and something I will now add to the routine. Nice to have the slightly warmer weather. It is in the 30's so I was able to run in a shirt and light jacket. Have to keep wearing the stocking cap to keep my earphones in though!

I'm looking forward to Sunday. I'm going to take the 145 bus downtown and see if I can run home from Buckingham Fountain. That's about 5 miles and farther than I've run yet but I'm hoping that I'm due for one of those breakthrough runs. We'll see. . .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Cold

Took my Sunday run today since tomorrow is busy with other things. I went on my 4+ mile route but went the other way this time starting out along the lake front and inside on the return. I ran all the way to the walking bridge over LSD. The path along the lake was shoveled and salted so NICE! Felt good the whole way and no pain in my right foot.

I walked over the bridge and over to the statue of Franklin as that was a) snow covered and b) a little up hill. From there I ran/walked along the zoo and then pretty much ran back to the apartment from Fullerton. A good run but I am slow. I get a little tired of being passed all the time but when so many of the people passing me are women in black running tights, well, it just goes to show you that there's a backside to everything. . .(rim shot).

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yes. Winter has officially descended in Chicago. Saturday and Sunday was single digits. I took a short run Saturday - probably a mile or a little less just to get ready for Sunday.

Sunday it was again VERY cold. I think it was 6 when I went out but that was at O'Hare so I figure warmer by the lake. In this weather I can't really walk, stretch, and warm up. Got to just start running to stay warm. I ran down Sheridan to Goethe and then turned around. I'd had it already. I walked about 10 steps back and then said to myself, 'pussy'. Turned around again and got back on it. I ran to North avenue where lives the very nice statue of one of my heroes - Ben Franklin. I walked around old Ben a couple of time and stretched out my insteps and thighs. Got back on it and ran most of the way back with a short walk near Fullerton. You just can't take a long walk in this weather! That's my 4+ mile route and I ran most of it.

My new gear is working great. My coach and Jason got me a high class running jacket. by Brooks. I wore my nike under shirt which keeps the moisture away, a long sleeve t-shirt and that jacket. I was toasty warm as long as I was moving. I need tights under my running pants though as my legs got pretty cold. Best addition to my running gear is my new iPod shuffle. I can't believe how small it is (that's what she said!). Weighs nothing. Holds about 1000 songs. Sounds great!

Just got back from a short one today up to the totem pole and back. Seems like I was colder today than I was on Sunday. Maybe because I skipped the t-shirt today because it was about 10 degrees warmer. I'll put it back on on Sunday.