Friday, January 15, 2010

Weed day runs

Made my Monday, Wednesday, Friday runs. Nothing spectacular. Wednesday run featured the stiffness in my right instep returning. I think this is what they call shin splints. Today I took 2 ibprofan before running. Still got stiff after about 1 mile but was able to run through it. I iced it when I got back which coach says is most important and something I will now add to the routine. Nice to have the slightly warmer weather. It is in the 30's so I was able to run in a shirt and light jacket. Have to keep wearing the stocking cap to keep my earphones in though!

I'm looking forward to Sunday. I'm going to take the 145 bus downtown and see if I can run home from Buckingham Fountain. That's about 5 miles and farther than I've run yet but I'm hoping that I'm due for one of those breakthrough runs. We'll see. . .

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