Monday, January 25, 2010

After a week off

I took a week off after bad shin splints last Sunday. I've been icing once or twice a day during the off time. Coach Leah has given me a very nice running plan and if I can keep the shin splints under control I'm sure I can stick with this plan.

So today I only had to run a mile. I took a couple of IbProfen 2 hours before the run to hopefully keep inflamation down. Out I go! Felt like I hadn't run in a week but I felt ok and finished with no problem. As to the splints. . . my right foot didn't hurt but I sensed that another 1/2 mile and it would be tightening up. I iced it down right away and next run is Wednesday. I'll ice later today and 2 or 3 times tomorrow. I also need to try different shoes. Some reading indicates that shin splints can be caused from heel pounding too hard.

If after this week I still have the pain and stiffness after 1-2 miles I'll go see the doc.

Good to be back on that's for DAMN sure!

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