Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yes. Winter has officially descended in Chicago. Saturday and Sunday was single digits. I took a short run Saturday - probably a mile or a little less just to get ready for Sunday.

Sunday it was again VERY cold. I think it was 6 when I went out but that was at O'Hare so I figure warmer by the lake. In this weather I can't really walk, stretch, and warm up. Got to just start running to stay warm. I ran down Sheridan to Goethe and then turned around. I'd had it already. I walked about 10 steps back and then said to myself, 'pussy'. Turned around again and got back on it. I ran to North avenue where lives the very nice statue of one of my heroes - Ben Franklin. I walked around old Ben a couple of time and stretched out my insteps and thighs. Got back on it and ran most of the way back with a short walk near Fullerton. You just can't take a long walk in this weather! That's my 4+ mile route and I ran most of it.

My new gear is working great. My coach and Jason got me a high class running jacket. by Brooks. I wore my nike under shirt which keeps the moisture away, a long sleeve t-shirt and that jacket. I was toasty warm as long as I was moving. I need tights under my running pants though as my legs got pretty cold. Best addition to my running gear is my new iPod shuffle. I can't believe how small it is (that's what she said!). Weighs nothing. Holds about 1000 songs. Sounds great!

Just got back from a short one today up to the totem pole and back. Seems like I was colder today than I was on Sunday. Maybe because I skipped the t-shirt today because it was about 10 degrees warmer. I'll put it back on on Sunday.

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