Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Problem Solved?

Yeah! After a few crappy runs in a row (don't think about the phrase 'crappy runs') I walked/ran to the lakefront on Sunday and then stretched for about 5 minutes. I especially tried to stretch my calves and insteps as that was what was tightening up on me. I put the thought in my head that the Sunday run was for me to run 3 miles NO MATTER WHAT. I'd have to fall puking on the ground to stop.

I ran 3 miles.

I didn't fall nor puke.


And NO PAIN. I think going out the door and basically hitting it with no leg warm up was the mistake. Now today I did the same but ran about 2 miles instead of 3 as is the during-the-week plan. I say about 2 because I ran north instead of south from Belmont. I ran as far as the tennis courts but had yet to see any mileage sign. So I turned around there and ran back. Come to think of it that means I only ran to Addison which is only a half mile from Belmont. Ooops! I'll go the whole 2 tomorrow. Felt good though and fun to run with the Dad Run play-lists that my coach put together for me.

Thoughts While Running. . .

Coach sent me a link to the original broadcasts from 9/11 from all over the world. Takes you back and still hard to look at. I just about can't remember what air travel was like before that day. At the time I remember we were all waiting for the next attack. The Golden Gate bridge? White House? Wrigley Field! And then nothing happened. Did nothing happen because we slammed the door after the horse got away or did these fundamentalist idiots fire all of their bullets in one day. I tend to think the later but of course you can never go backwards. Maybe some new technology will come along so that we don't have to take off our shoes and run our luggage through the x-ray machine (or how about NO carry-ons!) but we'll have to inspect passengers as they board from now far, far off into the future.

So, are we safer now than we were before 9/11? Well, obviously we weren't safe at all before 9/11. Certainly it is going to be nearly impossible for an idiot to drive a plane into a building again. But are we fundamentally safer? America is still so big and so open. You can go onto any bus or subway with no inspection. You can drive cars and trucks all over the damn place. How are we safe from any of those possible avenues of attack? I think the fact that we really are not coupled with the fact that nothing has happened since 9/11 supports the idea that we might BE safer or as safe as we were before 9/11. Except. . .

We had the WHOLE WORLD on our side after 9/11 except for some creeps living in caves in Afghanistan. We had the support and therefore the chance of a lifetime to build some real coalitions to make the whole world safer from idiots. Right. And what did we do? We invaded Iraq which provably had NOTHING to do with 9/11 and thereby got the whole world to hate us again many times over. Nice going. A chance gone by.

Living in the islands as we have for the last 4 years the common question to us from people from other countries really boils down to this: What the hell is America doing? What's wrong with you people?

I don't know. We're just crazy that way I guess. What we've learned maybe is that if you drive planes into our buildings SOMEONE is going to pay big time. Doesn't matter if it was their fault or not. We will just lash out and we have some very big sticks to lash out with.

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