Friday, September 4, 2009

Ain't Never Satisfied

Last night I dreamed I made it to the promise land
I was standin' at the gate and I had the key in my hand
Saint Peter said "Come on in boy, you're finally home"
I said "No thanks Pete, I'll just be moving along"

That's from my favorite guy, Steve Earle and the theme of today's run. (Running with iPod again.) It seems each run besides being my training for the marathon is a chance to ruminate about. . . well, where ever my tiny brain wanders.

Ain't never satisfied. I guess I'm not. Some people probably think I had it made in the shade a few years ago. I was making good money. I had summers off. I owned my own boat outright and could live and cruise on it all summer. I have great kids that are fun to be with. House was nearly paid off.

But it was all making me nuts.

I had already done all that! I'd already been in every harbor and bay on Lake Michigan. I had certainly lived in Des Plaines long enough! I desperately wanted to sail over the horizon. So I (we) did. Couldn't have done it with out shipmate, Sue!

Back in Chicago now but that's not really ENOUGH, Oh NO! I have to train for a marathon as well!

I was the same way with teaching too. I don't think I ever had two years that were the same. I was never satisfied with my own teaching. Never will be either! Being never satisfied isn't such a bad thing and it is the direct opposite if being "all set" which is many people's goal and that's not a bad one either. Sure as hell there are times when things get rocky that I wish I was more like them. . . but that ain't going to happen.

Looks like there's always going to be something else. I hope so. Some other horizon to sail over. Some other crazy thing to try. I hope I can keep that up right to the end. Then I'll be all set!


Oh yeah, right leg still cramping up at about 1 mile. I think I'll take several days off and see what that does.

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  1. that is one of my *favorite* songs to run to! I of course feel the same :)