Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shamrock Shuffle. . .DONE!

Last Sunday I had a pretty bad run. Only made about 3.5 miles when I was going for 4.5. Sucking wind. Blah. I felt bad too because this was the last big run before the 8k (~5 miles) Shamrock Shuffle which was today. During the week I only ran once - 1.5 mi on Wednesday. I bought new shoes at the Expo though.
Yesterday, the day before the race, I got up and looked outside. It was sleeting sideways. The wind had blown the stop light on the corner of Sheridan and Briar over. Great. Let's go running. So I was pretty worried that the Shamrock Shuffle which kicks off marathon training might be a bit disappointing.

This morning it was still raining sideways (and the stop light was still down!) but not as hard. By the time I left for the El it had pretty much stopped but it was none too warm. I met my coach at the Belmont stop and we headed downtown. Didn't seem too bad down there. We jogged around the fountain and stretched a little before getting into our corral. Moo.

Surprise! Right there in our corral was my old friend Judy who I taught with for about 15 years! Lots of laughs there! Finally it's race time. We're in the 11 min/mile group and I'm just secretly hoping to get it done in an hour and not die doing it. Off we go! It's a really fun course with part of it right along the river on Wacker Drive. Coach Leah is keeping our times on her watch. . . and here they are!

Mile 1 11:24
Mle 2 11:18
Mile 3 11:11
Mile 4 10:34 (what the WHAT?)
Mile 5 10:51 (bastard hill!)

total time 55:20 YEAH!

What's good about this? Well while I'm really slow at least I got faster as I went. Also, for about the first time my breathing was normal almost the whole way. Only got ragged on that damn hill on Roosevelt Rd. near the end. I basically felt good the whole way. No real pain and a very fun race. This gives me a good feeling for continuing marathon training. It might be the shoes but I really think it's the coach. Thanks Leah!

On ward!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

marathon tips for 60 year old

Jeez-o-peet the "internet" is funny. Here's the first hit when I googled 'marathoning at 60'

Marathon® 60 WP
Marathon 60 WP is an excellent tool for sucking and piercing insects
HA, I wonder what it does for old runners? Who wants some?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Windy City

Well, I had hoped it would have gone better but considering that we had to turn into the wind for our second half it wasn't too bad. Man, wind makes a big difference. I felt like I was running under water1 Sore now too.

Easy taper week now as we have the Shamrock Shuffle 8k next Sunday. With a reasonable day I still think I can run it in under an hour. I'm excited!

Friday, March 12, 2010

On schedule

Coach and I had a nice 4 mile run on Sunday. My foot was a little stiff but I was able to run through it. We went slower than we did the previous Sunday and I think that helped.

Ran my 3 on Wednesday. Nice. No pain and it was actually almost WARM out. Running in shorts and a t-shirt with about a million other Chicagoans!

1.5 today was no problem as well. Wheeee...ready for 4.5 this Sunday and then the 8k (5 mi) Shamrock Shuffle next Sunday. I hope I win!

NOTE: Saw this sign while walking with Lucy the grand daughter yesterday:


Hell, that would fulfill about every possible fantasy!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I know that doesn't sound like much but I've been battling weather and my sore foot for months now with no increase in distance. Yesterday Coach Leah and I had a nice 4 mile run which is a new distance for me! Some stiffness in my right leg but I've been icing a LOT and took some ibprofin before the run. Also looking forward to running in plus 32 degrees weather.

Here's our route: (called 3.5 miler but I stretched it to make 4.0)

View 3.5 miler in a larger map

The schedule changes in one way now. I'm the grand dad day care now so my runs will move to the early evening time. I can do that way better than if I tried to run at 5:30 or 6 AM! Coach and I run 4.5 next Sunday and then taper a bit in the following week in preparation for the Shamrock Shuffle which is the official kick off to Chicago Marathon training. If my foot cooperates I think I can do this!

Coach has found a cool mac app for tracking running. Here's her post on that and our Sunday run.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Pain Back

No, not back pain. My back is fine. Shin splints in my right foot/ankle are back. I was looking forward to 3.5 with my coach. Not a bad day too. After about 2.5 I had to stop and walk some. I think once the foot starts tightening up I start running differently and I waste a LOT of energy. Breathing goes to hell and, as I said, had to stop. Weird. So, lots of icing this week and maybe go out a little slower on Sunday.