Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stop coughing and run. . .

So I did. Always look forward to my Sunday run. Sometimes it's dissapointing (like last Sunday) but for some reason I always look forward to it. Strange. I'm not working and all my days are similar but the Sunday run still feels different.

View belmont north loop in a larger map

Today I tried to really warm up and stretch before running. I jogged about some, stretched my right instep a LOT, ran again, stretched again. This felt pretty good. I then ran 2 miles when I started to feel my right instep tighten up. So I stopped by the statue of Ben Franklin and stretched that instep again. A LOT. Then I ran another mile and change and thus pushed the stick a little for TOTAL run eventhough I stopped for a bit at the 2 mile mark. The rest of the 4 mile loop I interchanged walking with short sprints. Feels fun to really run FAST (for me) just to really get everything working.

Beautiful day for it too. 30 degees and sunny. There's ICE on the pond in the park! Yikes!

By the way, just as reported in the Trib today, there are some weird things in Googlemaps. Check out Fullerton St.. . . what? Dundee Rd? Ha!

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