Monday, October 19, 2009

Still at it!

Yes, still at it but I've fallen off of any kind of regular schedule. I need that AND I think I need a better goal . . . like maybe a 5k soon. Soon ish. . .

Coach Leah helped me buy some awesome running gear for the cooler Chicago weather. Nice and light but WARM.

So, I got a little busy for a bit and ignored my running and now I'm going to be on a better schedule. I'm going to run Tues, Thursday, Friday or Saturday with a short one, and long run on Sunday. I have a 5 mile course for Sunday and have the goal of completing the whole thing. I really like the route which actually helps a little I think. From Belmont to the chess tables at North Ave. on the outside, lake path and then return by taking the foot bridge to the inside path back to Belmont. I've run all the way to the chess tables and now I have to start bring the stick home!

Nice run/walk yesterday on that very route. When I was just starting at Belmont harbor there was a red hulled sailboat with it's mast down chugging out through the channel. I ran about a mile, walked a bit, ran some more, walked, and ran to the chess tables. Great view of the city there and look who's coming around the bend? The red sailboat! Man oh man, sailboats ARE slow if they can't beat me!

At the chess tables a couple started talking to me. They wanted to know all about the lake. They were from southern California. . . where ever THAT is. Anyway as happens often for people who have not seen our lake before they are surprised that they can't see across it. The word 'lake' produces a certain image in people's minds that doesn't include a 350 mile long, 85 mile across inland sea!